hey hey ♡ so this is going to be my short article about my trip to singapore. i went to singapore two days before and after my trip to bali. it’s not going to be the average blog article, because i didn’t stay at a hotel or hostel – i stayed at my families apartment.

singapore is… hard to describe. before i went there, i was totally afraid of all the fines and laws and informed myself about everything that wasn’t allowed, because i didn’t want to end up with a 500$ fine.

while taking the train from changi airport to a train station close to my families apartment, i recognized that singapore is really beautiful. it’s clean, not smelly and those high buildings….just breathtaking. you can buy all sorts of food, malls are everywhere and… it is expensive like hell. my auntie picked me up at the train station and of course the first thing i had to do, was to shower and rest a little bit. we went to a food market in the evening, I had some funny carrot cake for dinner and after that, we left the food court to go and see the supertrees (one of the things i was excited about the most).


(btw: sorry for the dark pictures – i only brought my go pro to this trip)

the supertrees are definitely a must see in singapore ! they are huge and glow in so many beautiful colors… we spend most of the night sitting in the surrounding park and watching them change colors. after that we went of to a ben & jerrys ice-cream (sort of) restaurant and had some big bowls of ice cream for way to much money.

the next day (after i slept for at least 10 hours) i went off to explore the city by myself. if i would remember all the train stations, i promise i would write them down [keeping that in mind for my upcoming trips]. i started with china town and little india, followed by the city center, which you can see in the photos above, it’s right at the marina bay sands. you will find a lot of shopping malls around and some amazing architecture, such as this amazing building by louis vuitton or the lotus flower building, which is in the back of it. all in all the architecture in singapore was my absolute highlight. after walking around the city for hours and hours, i went to see the botanical gardens of singapore – such a beautiful place to just walk around and relax. then i went home to get ready for dinner.

whoop whoop ! my absolute highlight: after dinner, me and my auntie dressed up and went to the marina bay sands hotel, to have some drinks at the rooftop bar. she knew a good trick, and told the lady at the counter (right in front of the elevators) that we were going to the club (not to the platform) – so we got in there for free!  we were able to look around and then we went to the bar, ordered some beers (each about 30 singapore $) and enjoyed the view. what can i say ?! the view is breathtaking and so worth it! i would go back to the skybar everytime.

i left to bali the next morning and when i came back at the end of my bali trip, i was glad to just chill out and spend some quality time with my family.

xxx mena ♡